Learn crypto, on vaction

Cryptocation brings a new concept to life offering retreat-style education programs in the crypto space.

You can learn about Bitcoin, blockchain, trading and more, in a tropical paradise in Thailand.

Discover the digital currency of the future with a step-by-step approach by crypto experts.

Learn crypto wrapped in a blanket of wellness, community, spirituality, luxury and entertainment

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An average day in our program:

07:30 Meditation or Morning Yoga
08:30 Scooter to school
08:45 Breakfast and power juice
09:00 Crypto Education
13:00 Lunch and a coconut 🙂
14:00 Relax and Disconnect
16:00 Breathwork/Wellness/Spirituality
18:00 Sunset Cocktail Hour
19:00 Dinner
20:30 Island party time – evening events on selected days – once a week (optional)

Additional options:

Boat Trip to the national park
Water sports

In Collaboration with

Buddha Cafe
Forward Phangan
Forward Phangan
Sunset hill resort