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  • Cryptocation brings a new concept to life offering holiday-style education programs in the crypto space
  • You can learn about Bitcoin, blockchain, trading and much more, in a tropical paradise in Thailand
  • Discover the digital currency of the future with a step-by-step approach including classes, full-day courses and helpdesk

CryptocurrenciesThe money of the future is right here.

From paper, to plastic, to digital. Money has evolved through time and Crypto is the most advanced form of payment ever conceived.

Bitcoin, blockchain, encryption. These terms have entered our lives and will become more and more familiar. The same as credit cards have.

Be Your Own BankSafe. Fast. Direct. Flexible.

With Cryptocurrencies you can pay anyone around the world, including businesses, in a few seconds. You don’t need banks because you are in control.

Koh Phangan stands out as a pioneer in the Crypto space. Since 2019, it is the breeding ground for a  large community of tech-savvy cyrpto adopters.

Our courses

Crypto for enthusiasts

Are you moving your first steps in the crypto world? Join our courses for beginners to get started.


  • Learn the crypto fundamentals
  • Walk away with a crypto wallet
  • Try out your first transactions
  • Get the support of our community

Crypto for traders & investors

If charts and indicators are your bread and butter, come deepen your knowledge with advanced classes.


  • Learn day/swing/leverage trading
  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Staking, farming, liquidity pools
  • Ask our team of experts

Crypto for business

Join the crypto revolution and start accepting crypto payments today. Get ready for the money of the future.


  • From Fiat to Crypto (and vice versa)
  • Set up a wallet and accept crypto
  • Turn card payments into crypto
  • Our helpdesk walks you through

A tropical paradise for
Crypto enthusiasts Yogis Families Digital nomads Party animals Surfers Foodies

Koh Phangan is a prime touristic destination that offers endless opportunities for digital nomads, families and travelers alike.

Enjoy the best of Thai and international cuisine, white beaches and crystal-clear waters, with epic surf spots and stunning diving sites.

KPG is home to the best parties, yoga and meditation schools, workshops… and the fastest-growing crypto community in Asia.

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